Mount Roraima Full Tour

Mount roraima
Mount roraima

Transfer from Simon Bolivar Airport to a hotel

We will pick up you at the Simon Bolivar Airport when you arrive in Venezuela and we will take you to a hotel near to the airport. We guarantee your safety in our private shuttle.

Hotel near to the Simon Bolivar airport

The day of arrival and departure you will sleep in a very good and safe hotel near to the Airport.

Air Tickets

We offer air tickets from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz (round trip). You have to make your reservation at least 45 days in advance.

Executive transfer service

We offer transfer service from Puerto Ordaz to San Francisco de Yuruani, you’ll arrive at Puerto Ordaz Airport and we will pick you there.

Accommodation in an INN

You have the option to sleep in an INN in San Francisco de Yuruaní the day of arrival and return, you can also sleep in a tent.
INN (San Francisco de Yuruaní) Prices:
Single ……………….. $40
Double ………………. $35
Triple ……………….. $30
Quintuple ……………. $25


Transfer 4×4 (Round Trip)

From San Francisco de Yuruaní to Paraitepuy where the trek beggins.


[acc_item title=»The Guide«]Our guide is reliable and highly qualified to lead the expedition, has a lot of experience and he is an excellent chef too. During high season, the good guides are limited for that reason, the reservations must be made as soon as posible. We have English speaking guides and if you need one please let us know.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=»The porters«]We provide a porter for each four people, they carry the stove, food, pots, cups and the dishes. Important: The porters who are hired to carry food and cooking utensils, are not required throughout the expedition because as the food is consumed they will return to Paraitepuy.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=»Personal Porter«]If you for some reason need help during the trip, you can hire a personal porter for to help you with your luggage. You must do this payment directly with the porter.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=»The Food«]The food is balanced and we can not prepare individual menus, the meals are the same for all the tourists. Perishable food will be eaten first like ham, cheese, chicken, beef, etc. Sausages, salami, vegetables for example, can be left until the end.
Vegetarians should let us know, at least three days before the tour and they will have a surcharge by additional purchases of vegetables and fruits.
They guides are excellent chefs and they are free to prepare meals at their discretion, we don’t have menu but our meals are very tasty and healthy.
The days of trekking, we dont cook hot food for lunch, we prepare sandwichs. This allows people arrive faster to camp and avoids delays in the stipulated time for the trekking.
On the route to Roraima, in the first camp called «Rio Tek» and in the second one «Base Camp» we have refuges for food, It is therefore not necessary to carry the food from fifth and sixth day to the top of Roraima because the food of those days stays down in the camps, where tourists eat at tables and chairs, in one of them there is enough space for tents (if we are the first group to arrive).

Additional Meals
Are not included: lunch of the day of arrival and meals of the day that culminates the tour. You have the option of have lunch in any restaurant there or if you prefer, you can book the lunch and dinner with us.


The Tents

The accommodation will be in a high mountain tent that will protect you from the cold in the area. The tent will be shared by two people.

Portable Bathroom

Because the high number of people visiting the Roraima and our environmental philosophy, It is obligatory pick up the solid wastes and bring it. For your comfort, we have a portable bathroom with a container for this purpose.


We have a person certified to attend any eventuality on the road with the basic first aid kit (you must also carry your personal medicaments).



During the walk, we recomend you must not overtake the guide or the first porter, especially on the third day, climbing the ramp because there is a place called «the passage of tears» where the road is divided into three different ways and it is extremely important to take the right way, please wait for the guide, you must not take a road without knowing if is the correct or not, there have already been accidents with groups of other companies.


It is essential to reduce the weight of the backpack, do not try to wear clean clothes everyday for that reason we recommend to bring clothes only for two days. Take clothing for six days, it would be very heavy and if clothing gets wet the weight increases, keep clothing in plastic bags in case of rain. Please bring your raincoat.
We recommend for the third and fifth day (ascent and descent) short-sleeve shirt and shorts with sturdy shoes and for the days 1, 2 , 4 and 6 we recommend long-sleeved shirt, long pants (by the midges) and soft shoes.[/tab_item]


We recommend to bring two types of shoes: soft shoes for the longest walk and sturdy shoes for the days of ascent and descent.

You must take with you
• Identity Card or Original passport (must pass the National Guard checkpoint in San Ignacio de Yuruaní).
• Insect repellent.
• Sunscreen.
• Cap or hat.
• Lantern.
• Personal medications.
• Raincoat.
• Aquatabs (water purification tablets)
• Non-skid shoes.
• Plastic bags to keep dry clothes in the backpack
• Short, light pants, sandals, sweater and thick socks cotton for the cold and to cross rivers with slippery rocks.
• We suggest to use biodegradable products for the bath (soap, shampoo and toothpaste, etc.)

Included services


Description $ per person





• Transfer from Simon Bolivar Airport to a hotel near to the airport (Round Trip).

• Accomodation in a secure hotel near to the airport the arrival and departure day.

• Air Ticket Caracas – Puerto Ordaz (Round Trip).

• Transfer service:

Puerto Ordaz -San Francisco de Yuruani (Round Trip).

• Transfer 4×4 (Round Trip) from San Francisco de Yuruaní to Paraitepuy (Estado Bolivar).

• Highly qualified guide.

• Pemón guide.

• Porter.

• Tent.

• Portable Bathroom (Solid waste won’t stay in the Roraima) we carry it for you

• Food and non-alcoholic beverages (we prepared 3 meals daily).

• Chef for to prepare the meals.

• Paramedic with the basic first aid kit.

• Accommodations in an INN in San Francisco de Yuriani.




































Minimum four   persons to book in a specific date.

Individuals can book on the established dates.

BOOK with us. If you pay 30% now, we will keep the price! You can pay in installments!!! contact us!!!

November: Group 1 from 10 to 16  Group 2 from 10 to 16 LA PROA 9 days ($850)

December: Group 1 from 16 to 22 Group 2 from 27 to January 2 in RORAIMA HAPPY NEW YEAR ($850)

January: Group 1 of 6 to 12


Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +58 424 125 50 13




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